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Fees :
    Is the
reward all the time spent attorney working in your file, which includes meetings and court appearances and phone calls advisory and e-mails and the preparation of documents and to cover the expenses of the courier fees, research and photography and the use of experts such as doctors, psychology, and you can ask bills from your attorney at any time.
There is a
misconception about legal assistance and service is that it is free , because the services that require legal representation and a lawyer is not free, however it is important to know that the services provided by our office is less expensive and significantly from other offices.
Types of payments :
1 - Advance Payments : You may be asked to start procedures to provide a small financial payments immediately to the need for such a boost to registration agency.
2 - Instant payments : payments intended consequences during the trial or hearing the case in the lobby of the court as an advance appointment of experts to ensure the evacuation of the way ... Etc.
3 - underway payments : pay with the passage of time during which the case and
4 - Final payments : we may agree with the client on a certain percentage of the amounts claimed or the value of the real rights of the disputed condition that does not exceed 25% of them.
5 - exceptional circumstances : in the event that the client has requested legal assistance accessible payment and approved it subject to certain conditions remember fee agreement concluded between the agent and the principal lawyer.
1 - fees
2 - Cost and Expenses
3 - Tariff
fees and expenses
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