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Legal proceedings :
Our office covers work according to legal proceedings or spatial substantive jurisdiction of the suit
1 - Spatial jurisdiction :
in countries where there our legal representatives and within those countries , according to cities and counties .
2 - subject-matter jurisdiction :
And is divided by type suits to the following types
A - Criminal proceedings : and asks you to choose to identify crime case
Criminal : murder and robbery are described and kidnapping .... etc.
Misdemeanors : intended as acts of abuse and theft ..... etc.
Offenses : traffic violations and haphazard construction , etc.
B - Civil lawsuits : claims for compensation and claim the amount of the arbitration and contracts , etc.
C - family law ( personal status ) : temporary guardianship and trusteeship and install the descent and recover custody, divorce, marriage contract and the installation of alimony and dowry , wills and inheritance , legacies , etc.
D - Lawsuits real estate , movable and immovable : Rent Book mortgage loan and sale of real estate held installation ... etc.
E - lawsuits administrative : taxes , financial compensation and acquisition commitments and administrative decisions and government contracts .
N - business suits : corporate , business records and fraudulent Store and competition and trademark , etc.
K - air transport suits : compensation for aviation accidents or loss of baggage or cargo or air freight contracts only
BC - international conflicts of law suits :
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