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Electronic Service :
Is an innovative new idea kept pace with the evolution in the means of communication and public relations , and among members of the community which is restricted to certain conditions and must be on the user selected a formal request to offer him
There are some things related to this service:
1 - tariff :
There are costs that should be subject to a beneficiary of this service is not related in any way legal services for example and without limitation there are costs related to the management of the site , such as booking his name , scope and area on the internet and there are things related to electronic means and develop and maintenance and advanced programs and communications .... Etc. All this needs to make money for the delivery of service to applicants and have put a simple tariff for this service expenses paid immediately after approval and request the service .
2 - Limitations :
Restrictions depending on the nature of the service : There can not work this service covered , such as pleadings and legal representation and to testify before the courts , etc.
Restrictions as are provided by law prevents circulation : military issues and the security of the state and family issues , especially regarding chastity and honor and against the public order issues .

To start this service, you need to do the following:

1 - Choose the country and province
2 - Write About Contact
3 - Summary of your case

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