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Our service - social site aims to provide justice for all the most direct route and the lowest costs and the most successful means , and initiate studies and gives a long-term strategy consulting and offers services and innovative solutions fit and cope with the daily development of the society and meet the needs of all segments of society .
We have launched our website from a realistic vision is that most of the sites legal became libraries legal compete for the deployment and documentation of laws and jurisprudence , decrees and decisions and articles legal than you can count , and therefore most of the pioneers of these sites are a certain segment of society, such as lawyers, judges, law students and some intellectuals from the public and missed from the rest of society.
For example : worker may be exposed to a work accident does expect him to that looks at these sites for Labor Law and the Criminal Procedure to extract legal materials and materials that fit his case and learns action suit from procedural laws .
This is the first aspect that we seek to achieve is to meet the needs of the general community in a simple , fast and facilitator , and the second aspect is our quest to reach our services to all the rich and poor , without exception, by providing legal assistance on concessional payments for those who can not solve their problems because of the high costs appropriately to their material. The third aspect is the arrival of our services to those in need across the border in all parts of the world .
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